Go fast or Faster!

How Can ECU Remapping Improve Your Car?

When you buy a car loaded with the latest technology, you might assume that it's in peak condition, perfectly tuned and ready to deliver the optimum performance the minute you drive it away from the dealership. Sadly, you'd be mistaken. In fact, almost every new vehicle sold to the public has been intentionally de-tuned to a level of performance well below its true capacity. But you can recover your vehicle's lost potential through something called ECU remapping.

What do we do?

ECUPROGRAM is committed to giving you the best results and excellence.  We offer only the very best in custom ECU chip tuning/remapping, car tuning and vehicle engine tuning using the latest ECU programming techniques and software available. Our core technical skills are combined with a passion for outstanding car performance tuning and customer service in everything we provide to our customers.

Depending on your interest, as a client of ECUPROGRAM you can look forward to the following results:


  • Nature Aspirated: up to 10% of gains in HP and Torque + better fuel consumption

  • Turbo/Supercharger:  up to 35% of gains + significantly greater torque + better fuel consumption

  • Diesel:  up to 40% of gains + Impressive fuel consumption

  • Custom tuning:  Specially for heavy modifications done on the vehicle such headers, bigger injectors, race octane fuel, bigger turbos, etc. 


These results are achieved through specialized remapping of the computer's engine of your vehicle.


These are some of the modifications to various ECU parameters: 

  • RPM limit

  • Speed limit

  • Boost limit

  • Fuel map

  • Ignition map

  • Idle Speed map

  • Cam Timing map

  • Transmission map

  • Lambda map


Gains vary by a number of factors including after-market modifications (intakes, exhaust system, etc.), general wear and tear on the vehicle, and how well the vehicle has been maintained.


ECUPROGRAM will carry out a full diagnostic check prior to remapping. We always recommend high-quality fuel like octane 91 (95 RON) or 93/94 (98/100 RON) or racing fuel but it is not essential unless strictly specified.   Please note that all vehicles' existing safety features remain intact.   If at any time you sell or take your vehicle to the dealer for services and wish to remove the tuned software, we will do this at NO COST although the software will add to the value of your vehicle.